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THE COOL AND DEADLY: Rudeboys Revenge
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"They might remind you of the Clash, in their "Sandinista!" days.Edgy, slinky, a bit psychedelic - the Cool and the Deadly pack a lot of sounds into their presentation. "
-Boston Pheonix

"a reggae fuzz rock crossover that surprisingly works, as it comes dripping
with a realness and rawness that can’t be faked. immediately generates interest with its original lo-fi sound.turns up the heat and the distorted guitar as it drives a storming groove"

"a crackling vinyl fuzz that recalls City of God more than Zion. The Cool and
Deadly’s ability to dive headlong into heavier, chunkier territory (the metal-flavored “Rudeboy’s Revenge,” the frantically paced“Future Has No Love”)sets them even farther apart from the pack."
-The Orlando Weekly

"The Cool and Deadly digdub, making for a more gritty transmission reminiscent
of strife-riddled Kingston, Jamaica,as opposed to the permanent haze of Long Beach cool. The band's sound is in league with "Sandinista!"-era Clash and the
rock-reggae of latter-day Bad Brains records.
- The Caller Times / Corpus Christi ,Texas (Aug 16, 2008)
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DEADLY EP - cd / ep length

here it is !! The Cool and Deadly have dropped another cold cold cold set of tunes on you!! these joints are too rude..killa stylee...7 songs total, 3 of which are wicked dub tunes..The Cool and Deadly are delivering tuff know how they do it..Forward ever !! Backwards never !!take regae to the future...

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The Cool and Deadly - self titled first release

Here they come again shakin up the foundations !!! The Cool and Deadly is an experience on its own..Blending fuzz rock and reggae music like its never been done..!! REAL ROCKERS STYLE !! fe real !!!! this is the heavy manners you were warned about..this is Reggae inna rock and roll fashion...The Cool and Deadly jumpin outta Brooklyn NYC inna a ruff-n tuff stylee..Lightning !!!

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THE COOL AND DEADLY: The Cool and Deadly
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